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Date: Mon Jan 28, 2002 3:16pm
Subject: Re: Seat Belt top mount
Been there, done that!

The plate is sandwiched in between the outer/upper and inner/lower
body skins of the car. Unfortunately, water can get in there and rot
the mild steel plate.

The three 1/4 bolts on the top of the plate bolt to the plate, while
the two #8 bolts on the bottom go through the outer and inner body
skins. From inside the rear fender well, take off the closing panel
by drilling out the rivets and reach as far as you can into the sill.

Since you have to go through all this trouble just to take the plate
out, you might as well make sure that it won't happen again. The
suggestion is to fabricate a new one out of 16 ga. Stainless Steel
and hardware.
There is a mechanical drawing of the plate floating around somewhere
on the Web (is in in our files area?).

-Gaetano Liberatore

--- In lotuseuropa@y..., "Trevor Russ" <Trevor@r...> wrote:
> I am in the process of restoring Europa Type 65 in the process of
removing the top seat belt locating bolt the mounting plate also came
away has this happened to anyone else? What is the best way of fixing
the mounting plate in place or gaining access to it ???
> Any idea's or assistance in repairing this major safety item would
be gratefully received
> Thanks in advance
> Trevor Russ
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