Email from Jerry C. Blaine I sent an email to Jerry Blaine asking questions about my Europa. Here are the questions and his answers.
- When was it repainted White?
      I painted it white, it is a GM bright white from the early 80's.

- What springs are installed?
      Springs were original but cut down, how much I don't remember, I seem to remember two and half or three coils removed.

- What dampers (shocks) are installed?
      The dampers were first Koni custom made but I didn't like the response I then found some adjustables but can't for the life of me remember the name. There was a company in New Jersey that sold a tube frame for restoring Lotus Europas that offer them at the time. (Note - I have since determined that the dampers are Spax from Spyder)

- What front and rear sway bars are installed?
      The front and rear roll bars were upgrades to thicker in the front and added a bar to the rear.

- What rear links are installed?
      I fabricated them myself.

- What clutch is installed?
      Stock clutch but the flywheel is a one-off(very light something like 12 pounds) allows for the very fast revving engine. Aircraft Alum T6 with bronze facing.

- Were any modifications made to the engine?
      The ports were enlarged and polished a little.

- Was the engine ever rebuilt?
      New bearings, rings seals and gaskets every season.

- Were any modifications made to the brakes?
      Used synthetic fluid ( Castrol) bled all four at the same time.

- Any other information that is known about the history/changes made to the car is very much appreciated.
      There is a spacer in the rear wheels behind the hub. That spacer is subject to failure from the side loads of racing. I replaced the originals with ones case-hardened, check them by jacking up the rear of the car and try moving the rear wheel (changing camber) if it moves check them for wear, you may have to have more fabricated.